What We're All About

Edulaunch is a subscription based online textbook used for computer classes in schools nationwide. Our unique project based lessons approach, allows students to learn how to use industry standard software while creating gradable projects. Also provided to instructors are grading rubrics, questions that can be used for quizzes or tests and additional project ideas. Edulaunch has a variety of courses and allows customers to subscribe only to the courses they need.

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             Computer and Web Basics
      Discover the parts of the computer and their  function. Learn basic HTML programming and beginning web design fundamentals.

Dreamweaver with Fireworks
Learn to automate the creation of original and creative web pages. Manage and optimize web page graphics.

Learn the ins and out of the leading web animation program on the market. Create animation projects for web and multimedia applications.

Learn how to use the world's leading graphic creation and photo editing program to create real world graphic projects.

Learn to utilize the industry's leading software used by major corporations for print layout and schools for yearbook and newspaper production.